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    Glutamine Powder

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Glutamine Powder
Main Ingredients: Glutamine, Maltodextrin
Target Consumer: For the people who are athletes, have poor immune system, receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer patients, burns, had surgery lately. 
Content: 15g/sachet
Direction: Take one to two sachets daily; mixed with 170~200 c.c. water.

Product Features:
  • It is the most plentiful amino acids in the body
  • The main function of clinical studies:
           1. Promote protein synthesis in vivo
           2. Promote liver antioxidant, synthesis of detoxification substances
           3. Intestinal cell energy source, to prevent the intestinal villi, maintain gut integrity
           4. Maintain intestinal mucosa barrier and reduce bacteria.
           5. Activation of lymphoid tissue to improve the B and T lymphocyte activity.
           6. Reduce the Glutamine loss of skeletal muscle
           7. Help increase energy of fibroblasts and synthesis of nucleic acid to help heal wounds.
           8. Strengthen the intestinal mucosa boost up immunity.

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