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    Glucosamine Supplement

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Glucosamine Supplement
Glucosamine Jelly
Main Ingredients: Glucosamine, Type II Collagen, Chondroitin, Glucose Fermentation (including food Hyaluronic acid),Cat's Claw Extract
Target Consumer: For the elders aged 60 or above. For overweighted people, or people with history of degenerative arthritis in their family.
Content: 15g/stick
Direction: Take one stick daily.

Product Features:
  1. Effectively and quickly absorbed, no need of refrigeration, and easy to carry.
  2. Five composite formula
      ● Glucosamine effectively enhanced joint lubrication, relieve pains from friction.
      ● Type II Collagen to strengthen cartilage, provide building materials for growth and maintenance of a healthy body and increase
          joint lubrication, relieve pain and alleviate the symptom of arthritis.
      ● Chondroitin helps maintain joint flexibility and toughness, and promote cartilage repairing ability.
      ● Hyaluronic acid provides effective protection of chondrocytes and stablize collagen fibers to reach the purpose of joint protection.
      ● Cat's Claw with anti-inflammatory agents that can relieve pain due to arthritis generated.

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