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    Glucosamine Capsule

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Glucosamine Capsule
Main Ingredients: Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Methylsulfonyl Methane, Bromelain, Fermented Glucose Powder (contain Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid), Type Ⅱ Collagen, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, Coral Calcium
Target Consumer: For the people who care joints health, are overweight or obesity, stand long time daily, are athletes, have family history of degenerative arthritis.  
Content: 500mg/capsule
Direction: Take two to four capsules daily before meal.

Product Features:
  • Completed formula to maintain joint health.
  • Supply the daily loss in glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen.  
  • MSM and bromelain can prevent inflammation and cure red, swollen, hot, and pain condition from arthritis.  
  • Fermented Glucose Powder (contain Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid) and glucosamine can enhance joint lubrication and avoid joint abrasion.
  • Strengthening bone calcium and promote calcium absorption; Vitamin C and Coral Calcium can against osteoporosis.

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